SharpSim v.1.2.

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Released: Sep 5, 2012
Updated: Sep 5, 2012 by m_gunal
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Release Notes

SharpSim Version 1.2 Release Notes
This new version requires .NET 4. If you want to use SharpSim version 1.2 Visual Studio 2010 you may need to create a signature in your solution. To create a signature you need to follow project properties and “Signing” tab choose “Sign the assembly” and create a signature.
Changes/Bug fixes
• V.1.2 includes cancelling edge concept. A cancelling edge object can be instantiated with parameter passing or without parameter passing.
• This version can read XML input files.
• Simulation.cs ExecuteEvent Method Lines 413-417: A try catch statement added for reliable addition to the history
• Simulation.cs CreateEvents(sheet) Line 173: In the if statements condition a “null” check is added.
• Simulation.cs CreateEvents(DataTable) Method Lines 184-204: Standart xml read and create events from xml document.
• Simulation.cs CreateEdges(DataTable) Method Lines 235-259: Standart xml read and create edges from xml document.
• Simulation.cs CreateStats(DataTable) Method 275-289: Standart xml read and create stats from xml document.
• Event.cs DelegateExecuteEventExecutionHandler Method Lines 157-161: A try catch statement added for reliable addition to the history
• RandomGenerate.cs GetRandomDoubleNumber Method Lines 36-45: A method that generate random double number between minimum and maximum values.
• RandomGenerate.cs enum dist Lines 20-34: Enumeration of distributions is added to prevent faulty user entry.
• RandomGenerate.cs Lines ComputeValue Method 178-255: A method that use enumeration of distribution is added.
• A new class DataSetProcessor.cs has been added to read xml simulation input data. In the earlier version we read data from excel using an open source excel reader, Nexcel.dll.
• Edge.cs public RandomGenerate.dist distEnum is added to prevent faulty user entry.
• Event.cs DeepCopy method : New enumerated distribution is adopted.
• Entity.cs “eventHistory Dictionary<string, List<double>>” has been added that dictionary keeps event name and its all execution times through the simulation in a dynamic list.
• Simulation.cs ExecuteEvent Method Lines 418-429: ExecuteEvent method has been changed to fill eventHistory dictionary.

A Note on SharpSim’s queue discipline
In SharpSim, we have entities moving throughout the model. Since the model is made of events, we can say that entities visit events throughout the model. Sometimes, entities should wait for a while to visit an event, because the resource associated with that event is busy. This results in a queue. In this case, we can associate queues with events. In SharpSim each event has a queue property. This property is used as state variable when the system to be modeled has a queue. When a condition is not met, the entity can be kept in the relevant. To manage this queue, entities moving among events by using “parameter passing” method this can be implemented as below.
At source event:
• FIFO queue discipline
“edgesourceEventtargetEvent”.attribute = “target_event”.queue0;
• LIFO queue discipline
“edgesourceEventtargetEvent”.attribute = “target_event”.queue“target_event”.queue.Count-1*;

*“target_event”.queue.Count-1 means last item of queue

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